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Ambassador and Trustees

Following his early retirement from professional football on 26th August 2010, Matt Murray has taken up the role of Wolves Community Trust Ambassador. This new role will see Matt supporting many of the different initiatives operated by the trust by making appearances, taking part in question and answer sessions and also doing some coaching.

After having some contact with the Trust in his playing days, this is a new and exciting role for Matt and one which he is very much looking forward too.

He said, "I had an idea of how much the Community Trust did, but when I actually sat down and looked at the website properly, looked at what goes on behind the scenes, how many people work in the office, the amount of people the trust reaches out to and the incredible sums of money given away to the local community, I realised what a big operation it actually is.”

"I am really looking forward to getting back amongst the fans and giving something back to the people who supported me and who continue to support the club. There is nothing better than when you go out and meet some kids and put a smile on their face.”

Below is a short interview with Matt to help you get to know more about him.

What Is Your Most Memorable Moment as a Player? The play off final. Not just my penalty save but the whole day, you have a few memorable days in your career but the most memorable for me is Cardiff.

What Club Did You Play For As A Child? My Sunday League team was Lichfield Social and it was whilst playing for them that I got picked up by Wolves.

Who Are Your Best Friends in Football? There are a lot of people who I would class as very very close friends, my best mates who I speak to all the time are; Robbie Keane, Rob Edwards, Joleon Lescott and Lee Naylor. There are players who have played here who I still speak too such as Michael Oakes, but those four I speak to pretty much every day.

Who Is The Best Player You Have Played With and Against? I have had the privilege of playing with some fantastic players, both at Wolves and with England Under 21’s, to say the best would be very very difficult. The one who I have played the most games with who has gone to do the best is Joleon.

Again I have played against some brilliant players, but I would say the one who has had the most distinguished career is Alan Shearer who unfortunately scored a penalty against me for Newcastle in the FA Cup.

Who Has Been The Biggest Influence On Your Career? My family have obviously had a huge impact, as a young player in the academy at Wolves it was my Goalkeeper Coach Martin Thomas and then when I became a professional it was Bobby Mimms. He worked with me from when I was 20 and got me from being a lad with potential to playing Wolves first team.

What Is The Best Stadium You Have Played In? The Millennium Stadium was unbelievable, a top stadium. The stadium I enjoyed playing at the most, for atmosphere, the pitch and how we have always done there is Carrow Road, I loved playing at Norwich. So best stadium is The Millennium and my favorite, away from Molineux is Norwich.

You Have Played For England At Under 21 Level, How Did It Feel To Represent Your Country?

It was a great honor and a great buzz to come so soon after getting into Wolves first team, I think I had only played five or six games. In my first trip I got my first couple of caps which was unexpected. It was a nice pressure and an unbelievable feeling when you are lining up and singing the national anthem.

Who Would You Most Like To Meet? In the sporting world it would be Muhammad Ali and of entertainers and everyone else it would be Denzel Washington.

What is Your Pet Hate? My biggest one at the moment is, I live next to a brilliant 2000 acre park in which my two little kids want to run around, and whilst I have nothing against people who own dogs, my biggest bug bear at the moment is people who own dogs and don’t clean up the dog mess.

If You Weren’t a Football, What Job Do You Think You Would Have Done? For my work experience I did Primary School Teaching, with the P.E side being my specialism, that interest me and also, I like animals so I would say a vet. So either working with children or animals, but it would have to be something outdoors.

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